Welcome to Camille’s Meals! We are a mobile catering and food truck business roaming the streets, pathways, and roads of our local neighborhood, New Jersey! Our meals, snacks and beverages are easily sold out so you might miss us if you’re trying to look for us, but we are going to be expanding and enlarging our business very soon so that we can cover larger areas and even more states.

We are ambitious. We aim to serve the entire country by offering franchising options. For more information, contact us!

Mobile Catering

Our mobile catering services are usually for hire! If you need mobile catering services for your events, you can always rely on us. For more information about this, check out our events page where we outline what type of events and services we provide!

Food Truck

We have a roaming food truck that you can spot any time of the day from 10 am to 8 pm! We have different kinds of food. Some of our trucks only carry pizzas and beverages. Some of our trucks carry tacos, pizza, and burger. Some of our trucks carry healthy foods. Oh, and we’re going to tell you that all of our food is healthy! We are using a secret formula for it. Check out our awesome about page to learn more about it.