What is This?

We are a mobile catering business serving mostly our local neighborhood in New Jersey. Camille’s Meals offer delicious and healthy food to everyone who finds our wandering food chariot!

We have the main food truck roaming the New Jersey and neighboring states at the various time of the day. We offer pizzas, cakes, hot dogs, shaved ice, burgers, fries and many more!

Aside from that, we also offer franchising opportunity here and abroad! We are planning to expand rapidly even though we just started. We aim to bring delicious, yet nutritious food to everyone.

But you say that we sell junk foods like fries, burgers and the likes? We have a special menu and recipe that makes our “junk” foods junk no more! We ensure that we only use healthy ingredients and alternatives.

We have our own formula that makes our food healthy yet extremely delicious. We discovered a solution that helps us create almost all kinds of food and make it healthy and delicious at the same time.

The History

This special secret was passed down by our founder’s family for generations. The story dates back to the war when soldiers needed an easy to eat and prepare yet healthy food. The great grandparent of our founder would make special sandwiches that she gives away to passing soldiers in order to help them.

After the war when the economy was starting to get back, they went on to establish a business. They used the secret formula to create an affordable snack that’s delicious and packed with nutrients to help our fellow countrymen recover their healthy mind and body in no time.

Today, we bring that idea to the modern world. We would roam the streets, roads, and pathways and sell our seemingly common and ordinary selection of meals, food, beverages and snacks infused with the secret formula which makes them healthy and delicious for the same price.

The Formula

What is our secret formula you say? We won’t reveal it of course! That’s why it’s a secret! But we will give you a hint as to what our secret formula is.

You see, it’s not something like a spice or a sauce because how can we apply a spice or a sauce to all kinds of food? For example, if it’s a flavoring, you think it would work with both ice cream, pizza and iced tea? Of course not!

Our secret formula is some kind of a fundamental or a mindset. We can say that it’s something like a blueprint that can be adapted for use in many kinds of meals, foods, beverages, and snacks. We mostly use the same ingredients as your favorite fast food or beverage company but we always add our own twist following our standard set of formula or ideals.

Therefore, you can say that our formula can be compared to something like a blanket – it can cover all kinds of things. Or if you are a computer programmer, we use object orientation, we created a class and we use that class to extend other kinds of food.

Moving Forward

We are continuously improving our “formula” to better adapt it and to make it fit newer trends. We are conducting surveys to our customers from time to time asking them about their preferences and what they have to say about our products.

Finally, we always care about our customers. We treat them as one of our own, just like how we treat our family members. We treat a child just like our own child. We treat a father just like our own father. We treat a mother just like our mother. Every time we cook or prepare our meals, we always make sure that we prepare it with the same love and care as if we were preparing meals for our closest loved ones.

Do you still have questions? Contact us!