Camille’s Meals love events! No matter what kind of event you have or planned, we’ll be very glad to serve you! Our servings and foods, as well as our customer service, are unmatched. We have a wide variety of services and choices that you can fully customize for your needs. From simple food truck catering service to some advanced, creative mobile catering service, we’ve got your back!

Oh, let us give you some wacky ideas! Check out our wacky packages below:

The Roaming Food Truck

What if you hire us and you’ll become a marching band? Basically, it’ll be like this: our mobile food truck runs at a walking pace and your group surrounds us and follow us while eating food. There will be a playlist of songs (your choice) that we’ll play at a reasonable volume. We’ll be roaming on a predetermined route* and anyone who wants to have a burger along the way will get one for free*! This is one of our special wacky and out of this world package – we strive to be very different! Good for 25 and below participants.

A Buck for Everything

Want to invite your friends to a catering party but want to save some buck? Basically, we’ll be positioned near the entrance of the venue and we’ll charge everyone who wants to come 1 buck and they get to order unlimited (as long as we still have stock) items. We’ll give them a party pass, too! This way, you’ll get to save for a little. Hey, better than nothing!

Catering for Any Event

Aside from those wacky ideas (we still have plenty more, contact us for more details), we also have the regular catering services for all kinds of event. From birthday parties to a wedding, you name it, we can serve it!

Workplace Catering

Food truck lunch programs, office meal programs, meeting meals, business park lunch, special parties, events, promotions, holiday events, Christmas parties, anniversary, celebrations, and more! We can be of help if you are in need of any kind of workplace catering service.

Campus Food Trucks

Do you need healthy food for your students to boost their knowledge? Come to us! Our meals, beverages, and foods all contain your typical hot dogs, burgers and other street meal as well as lunch food but what makes us different is that we have the secret formula that makes our food great and nutritious.

Community Catering

Everything from street fairs, neighborhood party, community meeting, car shows, league games, sports clubs, religious events, basically anything that has anything to do with community events, we can provide you with our magnificent mobile catering service!

Wedding Catering

We have professional wedding meal experts that can help you create one of the most memorial wedding catering services! We’ll work closely with you and ask you if you want some special services that will guarantee that this once in a lifetime event can be as memorable and unique as it can be.

Private Parties

A birthday party is one example of a private party. You can even contract us for up to three years and we’ll come up with a unique catering event for your birthday party for the next three years! You don’t even have to pay up-front! We also offer catering events for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving or New Years. Graduation parties? Sure we can! You can even order for your entire class and then afterward, for individual students!

Professional Events

Conventions, expos, car shows, conferences, you name it, we got you covered! We can deploy up to 15 food trucks for large scale events.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and contact us today so that we can talk about your next event and make it one of a kind!